About Us

81301 Coffee

Our names are Brice and Matt. We have worked in coffee shops a long time, it’s how we have or haven’t paid the bills for the majority of our lives. We worked together at 81301 Coffee House for almost six years as general manager and roaster. We loved this place so much that in July of 2022 we had the opportunity and the privilege to become owners. 

81301 Coffee House is made special by the community that supports it and it has been our dream to bring that community feeling and our coffee to others around the country. The name 81301 can only go so far to reach that end. Enter, Easy Coffee Roasters.

Easy Coffee Company and Roasters is our way to reach a wider audience and share our coffee with those outside of Southwest Colorado. 81301 Coffee House will always exist here for the locals and the travelers, and the roastery will be here too… just with a name Easy-er to remember. 

“Locals drink 81301 coffee. Tourists also drink 81301 coffee.”